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A self-published hand bound photographic book featuring an autobiographical documentary exploration of rewilded wooded areas of edgelands in and around the English town of Swindon. The work itself spans a number of years following prolonged periods of heavy rainfall which led to some of the wettest years on history in the United Kingdom; 2012-2014 – The Floods.

Please note the 1st edition sold out on release but a second edition printing of the Standard Version of the book is now available. (Note: The Collector’s Edition will not be reprinted).

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Book reviews

Colin Pantall (Link to his review of The Floods) Quote: “…The Floods is a book that resonates at the highest level. It’s a bit odd having something like this come out of nowhere; it leaves you second guessing yourself, but in terms of intelligent landscape work, this feels very special.

Rob Hudson (Link to his review of The Floods) Quote: “…This ’wildness’ is often simply seen as an impenetrable thicket, a confusing tangle of branches and leaves, plants and animals. We are so used to the idea of the managed ’parkland’ that it can come as something of a shock. It is overwhelming, dense and detailed. And that’s a tough job for any landscape photographer to express in conventional forms of visual representation. As Joe says this ‘represents the antithesis of the idealistic English landscape.'”

Tim Parkin – On Landscape (Link to his review of The Floods) Quote: “…For me there is a sense of the progression of the photographer here as well as the sense of the woods themselves. The initial images are quite formal and offer a recognisable, stark beauty. Joe has imposed his own vision onto the woodland and found those parts of the edgelands that conform to his own desire to create.‘”

Excerpts from the book

Quotes from the book

“Wooded edgelands represent the antithesis of the idealistic English landscape.”

“Although we may not realise it, we probably know woodlands like these – edgelands overlooked and ignored by many of us.”

“Through repeated visits to these edgelands I came to enjoy solitude and to experience what nature has to offer. With time I came to a realisation…”

Extract from the book Common Ground by Robbie Cowen

By kind permission of the author Robbie Cowen and the publishing Group Hutchinson’s, The Floods book will include an extract from the wonderful book Common Ground, partially recreated here:

“…lying just beyond our doors and fences, the enmeshed borders where human and nature collide are microcosms of our world at large, an extraordinary, exquisite world that is growing closer to the edge every day. These spaces reassert a vital truth: nature isn’t just some remote mountain or protected park. It is all around us. It is in us. It is us….”

Essay by Eddie Ephraums

Eddie Ephraums has written an essay for the book in direct response to the images and my narrative. Excerpt:

“…we discover that chaos is something he has come to appreciate; that he no longer strives to overcome it. For Joseph, chaos was easily mistaken for confusion. In order to resolve this particularly human confused state of mind he discovered the need to look within himself. And yet, paradoxically, the tool he chose to help him realise this was photography, which captures what’s outside. However, the way any of us looks through a camera and what we focus on shines a light on what’s within…”

Eddie Ephraums (

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